…Bridgeport, CT, USA, 1990

Selgas’ artistic ability springs from his interpretation of the disciplined tradition of the abstract qualities of color, shape and his use of positive and negatives spaces as opposites that attract each other. His use of these elements and their symbols manifest his intellectual capacity. His seriousness of purpose is conveyed in the measure he is able to meld his experiences, emotions, and his own cultural values with those common to all humanity.

Benjamin Ortiz

…El Nuevo Herald, Miami, 2002

Hieratic, sensual, and expressive in the deliberately treatment of the topic as well as obvious and enigmatic, La Habana para una infanta difunta reaffirms the skillfulness of an artist who, in the unstoppable ascend of his career, owns a singular language that enriches the essence of Cuban art, its singularity and its force. Through his images and transcendence: one city, Havana, and its graciousness.

Armando Alvarez Bravo

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